As required by the State Department of Environmental Protection, the Township passed an on-lot sewage management ordinance in August of 2007.  Every THREE (3) years property owners who have on-lot systems will be required to have their systems pumped out and inspected by an approved septic pumper.  Additionally, a copy of the inspection form must be provided to the Township showing the system has been pumped and inspected.

A list of approved septic pumpers can be found here: Septic Pumpers

This program is a one of the many mandates to help improve the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and to protect well water and runoff from contamination and pollution. This type of measure is an effort to prevent system failure, costly repairs, and most importantly the health of you and your family.

For questions regarding on-lot systems, contact:

West Hempfield Township Office, Lindsay Gerner, 717-285-5554

Septic System Reports for Septic Haulers