West Hempfield Township administers the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) with the assistance of Third Party Plan Reviewers and Inspectors.
The Township issues both Zoning Permits and Building Code Permits, depending on the type of project.  Many projects such as decks, house additions, and pools will require both permits. Other projects may only require one permit or the other.
Township requires 3 three copies for the plans and information that will be forward to inspectors, if your project needs inspections.
Application forms must be completely filled out.
If an insurance certificate is required West Hempfield Township must be listed as certificate holder and it must list liability and worker's compensation on certificate.  If you do not have worker's compensation see the link for the worker's compensation form below.   
Payment for Township Permit Fees and Building Code Official Fees are collected only when picking up the permit.
The links below will help you determine what permits you need and apply for them. If you have questions that are not answered with the links below, please feel free to contact the Township for assistance.