1-22: Appointment of Amanda Hood to the Zoning Hearing Board

2-22: TDR Fair Market Value for 2022

3-22: Opioid Settlement Authorization

4-22: Honoring the Retirement of Police Corporal James Gardill

5-22: Paving Scalator Clause

6-22: Woody Waste Rules & Regulations

7-22: Disposal of Records

8-22: Trick or Treat Policy

9-22: Bank Signatories, Fulton Bank

10-22: Sewer Facilities Planning Module: 620 Sycamore

11-22: Amendment to Urban Growth Area, Meadow Spring @ Stony Battery 

12-22: America250PA Support

Proclamation: Peace Officer's Memorial Day and Police Week 2022

13-22:  Not adopted

14-22:  ACNB Bank Signatories



1-21: Re-Appointment of Gary Lintner to the Zoning Hearing Board

2-21: Establishing Fire Fund Account at Fulton Bank

3-21: Recognizing Michael FItzgibbons on his Retirement from SVEMS

4-21: Paving Escalator

5-21: Municipal Records Disposal

6-21: Authorization to Sign Pension Liquidation Letter

7-21: Damage to Mailboxes from Snowplows

PennDot Trafic Signal Permit, Prospect at SR462

8-21:  Non-Discrimination Policy

9-21: Conflicts-of-Interest Policy

Police Month Proclamation (not a Resolution)

10-21 TDR Fair Market Value

11-21 LASA Articles of Incorporation

12-21 Adoption of Greystone and Lancer Drives (Sylvan View)

13-21 Sewer Planning Module - Reichardt

14-21 PennDOT Traffic Signal Management Agreement

15-21 New Bank Account at ACNB

16-21 Tax Rates for 2022

17-21 Budget for 2022



1-2020: Re-Appointment of Daryl Peck to the Zoning Hearing Board

2-2020: Recognizing Rick Steffy on his Retirement from Public Works

3-2020: Trash Fees

4-2020: Paving Escalator

5-2020: Municipal Records Disposal

6-2020: Appointment of Ciro Gambone to the Zoning Hearing Board

7-2020: Appointment of David Lounsbury to the Zoning Hearing Board

8-2020: Tax Due Date Change (COVID-19)

9-2020: Extending Condolences to Donnie Kreider (former Public Works employee)

10-2020: Fulton Bank Loan Modification (Municipal Building)

11-2020: ReOpen Lancaster County (COVID-19)

12-2020: Recognizing Pandemic Response Team (COVID-19) 

13-2020: Sedgewick Development Traffic Light PennDOT Application

14-2020: Tax Rates for 2021

15-2020: Budget Adoption for 2021

16-2020: Appointment of Andrew Stern as Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator



1-19: Appointment of Carl Manelius to the Zoning Hearing Board

2-19: Recoginzing the Retirement of Molly Sheckard from the Police Department

3-19: Paving Escalator

4-19: Traffic Light Application for Prospect at Route 30 (Radar Upgrade)

5-19: Recognizing the Retirement of Police Chief Mark Pugliese

6-19: Retiring Service Weapon of Chief Mark Pugliese

7-19 Through 15-19:  New Accounts at Fulton Bank

16-19: Disposition of Municipal Records

17-19: Appointing Township Manager as Chief Administrive Officer for Non-Uniformed Pension Plan

18-19: Appointing Township Manager as Chief Administrive Officer for Police Pension Plan

19-19: Video Gaming Terminal (VGT) Opt-Out

20-19: Appointment of Ciro Gambone as Alternate Member of the Zoning Hearing Board


22-19: Tax Rate for 2020

23-19: Trash Fees for 2020

24-19:Budget Adoption for 2020

25-19: Adopting Fees for 2020

26-19: PA Small Water and Sewer Grant Application

27-19: PA H2O Grant Application



1-18: Paving Escalator

2-18: Records Disposition Policy

3-18: Police Records Disposition

4-18: Adding West Lampeter Township to CRASH Team

5-18: Archer Lane Adoption

6-18: Golden Eagle Way Adoption

7-18: ICMA-RC Retirement Health Savings Plan

8-18: Urban Growth Area Amendment

9-18: Allowing Dogs in Township Parks

10-18: Prohibitting Dogs at Lake Grubb Park

11-18: Placing Small Games of Chance on Ballot as Referendum Item

12-18: Authorize sale of old Municipal Building (3401 Marietta Avenue)

13-18: Municipal Records Disposition

14-18: Transfer of Liquor License to Sheetz (Columbia Avenue)

15-18: Street LIght Assessment

16-18: Tax Rates for 2019

17-18: Settlement of Sale for old Muncipal Building (3401 Marietta Avenue) 

18-18: EHTIDA Financing Approval

19-18: Refuse Rates for 2019

20-18: Budget for 2019



1-17: Appointment of Alternate Planning Commission Members

2-17: Sewage Planning Module, George & Lorraine Lewis

3-17: Stormwater Easement, Township Building


5-17: Authorization to Purchase Vehicle from Whitmoyer Auto

6-17: Paving Escalator

7-17: Great Eastern CD Renewal

8-17: Fulton Bank Bank, New Account

9-17: Authorize Additional Budget Appropriation for New Township Building

10-17: Condemnationof WHFR Property at 3476 Marietta Avenue for New Township Building

11-17: Authorize Signatories for BBT Bank Non-Uniform Pension

12-17: PPL Furnishing Street Lights

13-17: PennDot Green Light Go Grant

14-17: PennDot Traffic Signal Upgrade, Stony Battery at WB 30

15-17: PennDot Traffic Signal Upgrade, Stony Battery at EB 30

16-17: Designating Andrew Stern as Trustee for Wells Fargo Advisors

17-17: Certifying Insurance Coverage for WHFR Vehicles


19-17: Honoring Frank Burkhart on his retirement from the Board of Supervisors

20-17: Tax Rate for 2018

21-17: Fire Hydrant Assessment for 2018

22-17: Adoptin the Budget for 2018

23-17: Prohibiting Category 4 Casinos in the Township



1-16: Establishing Township Fees

2-16: Paving Escalator

3-16: LASA Raintree Sanitary Sewer Project 

4-16: Sewer Planning Module, 4190 Nolt Road

5-16: Amedment to the official sewage facilities plan.

6-16: Designation of Agent for 2016 Snow Disaster Assistance

7-16: Designation of Interim CAO of the Police Pension Plan

8-16: Designation of the Interim CAO of the Non-Uniform Pension

9-16: Adopting Archer Lane

10-16: Designation of the Secretary for West Hempfield Township

11-16: Sewer Planning Module, 1510 Silver Spring

12-16: Tax Rate for 2017

13-16: Adoption of the 2017 Budget


Please contact the Township for assistance with Resolutions approved prior to 2016.