New West Hempfield Township Municipal Building

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Construction contracts for the West Hempfield Township Municipal Building Complex project were awarded by the Board of Supervirors on April 4, 2017.  As this is a municipal building project, the Township is required by state law to award separate contracts to the low bidders for each of the four main construction disciplines - general building, HVAC, electric, and plumbing. 

The successful bidders were: 

General construction: SMJ Construction

HVAC: Frey Lutz

Electric: H.B. Frazer

Plumbing and fire suppression: Silvertip

The project will consist of a 33,500 sq.ft. building which will house our municipal administration office, police department, and West Hempfield Fire & Rescue station.  

We anticipate construction starting in late April or early May 2017.  We anticipate completion of the project in late summer or early fall of 2018.